Archive Monthly Archives: December 2020

BC’s Privacy Commissioner to audit private liquor and cannabis retailers

On November 25th BC’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Michael McEvoy announced that his office will review BC’s licensed private sector liquor and cannabis retailers’ privacy practices under the office’s Audit and Compliance Program. The news release can be read here.

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner ( the “OIPC“) did not release a timeline for the investigation or the issuance of its findings.

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What is a meal? Scotch Eggs and Covid Protocols

Earlier this month British politician Michael Gove found himself in a spot of controversy over the delicate question of whether or not a Scotch Egg (a boiled egg wrapped in ground pork, breaded, and deep-fried) is a “meal” substantial enough to comply with the UK’s most recent COVID-19 Regulations that restrict pubs in the “high alert” tier to only serving alcohol with a “table meal”. The Regulations explain that a “table meal” is a meal “such as might be expected to be served as the main mid-day or main evening meal, or as a main course at either such meal”. This rather unhelpful definition can be read in its full context here.

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