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Intoxicated Patrons: A St. Patrick’s Day Refresher

Today is St. Patrick’s Day which means big business for the bar industry. It also means that customers are likely to show up at your establishment early, and stay late. Other patrons will spend the day hoping between bars, stopping by for a pint or two before moving onto their next destination. The day should be profitable, and run smoothly, provided you have the proper staffing, security, and management in place.

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Doing it Right: Stillwell Bar, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The bar industry is notoriously competitive. A pub can be packed one weekend, and be a ghost town the next. To survive bars and restaurants have to do a lot of things right. The same is true for breweries and distilleries. Vancouver is enjoying significant growth in the beverage industry at present, but consumers can be fickle, and there are no guarantees in this business.

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