Liquor Law Appeals Part 2 – The Cambie Malone’s Corporation
If you've tried unsuccessfully to have a decision of the Branch set aside on judicial review, you can always mount an appeal to British Columbia's Court of Appeal. Just be sure the appeal has merit, or there may be cost consequences.
Liquor Law Appeals Part 1 – Judicial Review
British Columbia’s liquor licensing regime is administered by the general manager – an individual appointed under the Public Service Act[...]
BC’s Liquor Law Commissions of the 20th Century
“It would be a simple task to draft legislation for the distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages if all our[...]
How to Lose your Liquor Licence for 15 days
On May 20, 2016 the general manager of the Liquor Licensing and Control Branch issued its decision in Re Caprice[...]
Gangsters and Strippers and Liquor Law: The Story of Famous Flesh Gordon’s
Alcohol & Advocacy has previously considered what it means to be a fit and proper person for the purpose of[...]
Her Majesty the Queen v. Gerard Comeau
Over four days in late August, 2015 the harrowing tale of Mr. Comeau’s fateful trip across the J.C. Van Horne[...]
Brissette v. Cactus Club Cabaret Ltd.
On March 16, 2016 the Supreme Court of British Columbia released its reasons for judgment in Brissette v. Cactus Club[...]
Top Ten Liquor Laws from 1921
On October 1, 1917 British Columbia “went dry”, giving way to the pressure of the temperance movement sweeping the nation.[...]
Re Generator Cabaret: The Importance of Cooperating with Police and Liquor Inspectors
On November 6, 2015 the general manager of the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch issued its decision in re Generator[...]
Doing it Right: The Community Brew
Since it opened its doors in November, 2013 Craft Beer Market in Olympic Village has been supporting and engaging with[...]
Craft Beer Litigation: Understanding the Blue Moon Class Action Part 2
In part one of Craft Beer Litigation: Understanding the Blue Moon Class Action Alcohol & Advocacy outlined the facts of[...]
Craft Beer Litigation: Understanding the Blue Moon Class Action Part 1
Readers of Alcohol & Advocacy will not be surprised to learn that as craft beer and spirits grow in market[...]
So you want to buy a bar…
…or for that matter a brewery or winery. Chances are if you've ever worked in the hospitality industry you've at[...]
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